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(2016). “Masturbation and Spirituality”.

Builds on Reay’s essay on the history of mankind’s ambivalence toward masturbation by sketching four dimensions that help resolve the ambivalence. The fourth dimension provides what some may find a surprising context for discussing masturbation: spirituality and the traditional distinction between ego and non-ego.


(2009). “Monetizing Virginity”.

Comments on the debate surrounding the woman who is auctioning off her virginity through a Nevada brothel. Distinguishes between airhead and critical relativism. Leverages off the humor of Chris Rock.


(2007). Baumeister, Roy F. “Is There Anything Good About Men?” American Psychological Association, Invited Address.

Argues that male behaviors and attributes vary more widely than female, so that they can be found more frequently at both extremes, superior and inferior. Explains why that is so from an evolutionary point of view. The most illuminating account of sex differences that I know, with great explanatory power.


(2006). “Battle of the Sexes Resolved”.

A tongue-in-cheek psychodiagnosis of the root cause and cure of conflict between the sexes.


(1992). “Real Men, Real Women”. The Quest, Summer, 5-6.

Argues against too narrowly defining the nature of a “real” man or “real” woman. To decide the meaning of our sexuality we must quietly listen for what we really need and aspire to.