(2017) "American Crime and Lonesome Dove: Two Tales of Relationships".imdb.com

American Crime has characters who miscommunicate because they fail to understand the otherís perspective. Lonesome Dove demonstrates how exploring relationships can make a plot unnecessary.


(2014) "Our Relationships Must SING or Die".Psychology Today blog.

Healthy relationships involve the principle of SING (suppose innocence, not guilt), a wise balance of spontaneity, caution, and trust.


(2013) "Shedding Skin". In Donald J. Foran (Ed.), Transitions in the Lives of Jesuits and Former Jesuits (pp. 183-187). West Coast Companeros, Inc.

Brief psychological account of my transition into (1958) and out of (1970) the Jesuits.


(2009) "Explores the dialectic between intimacy and personal boundaries: Review of the movie, Doubt". imdb.com

Doubt is more than a movie about intolerance and religious doubt. It explores how individuals draw personal boundaries and openings to others.


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An appreciation of my grandfather and how he made me feel at home in the universe.


(1994). "Dialogue: A Mystic's Approach to Social Healing."

Explains how the technique of letting go is the core of David Bohm's method of social dialogue.