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     Life Coaching     


We employ two distinctively different coaching instruments, procedure and dialogue. Procedure promotes your use of your own inner  resources in dealing with your concerns. Dialogue allows you to interact with another, seeking feedback and instruction as well expressing your feelings and understanding.




The initial interview will suggest to us what concern is the most immediately alive for you. We then confirm that the issue that we have tentatively identified is indeed of real interest to you and something that you would like to explore. If both you and we are satisfied that that is indeed the case, we will create a procedure that enables you to explore your concern with minimum involvement from us. However, if either you or we are not satisfied that the issue is really emotionally alive for you at this time, we will continue the interview until such a concern emerges.


The point of our minimum involvement is to get out of the way of your inner process as it addresses your concern from your perspective, the context of your own life. The procedure itself provides the only stimulation and structure necessary to create and focus your attention on the issue. We have two roles: stenographer and supportive listener. For your own future use, we document the content of what you say in running the procedure. However, as caring listener, our own attention is not on what you say but on your own living involvement with the procedure. In this way, you are made supportively aware that we share empathetically in your efforts to address your concern.


Click here for examples of procedures.




Only at your invitation do we switch to interactive dialogue, where coach verbally responds to client. The point of waiting for your invitation is to reduce the chances of intruding on your own healing process. When you are ready to expand the process to include us, you will tell us.


Usually, dialogue is what the word suggests: some sort of conversation between individuals. Here, it also includes a process for Creating the Life You Really Want .