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Library categories are not water-tight, but only a rough way to group readings for your convenience. The entries in the library were either written or chosen by Gary and do not necessarily reflect Niniís opinion.


Inner Strength Development


Readings that are primarily concerned with practices that build our inner strength. Many have a Buddhist tone not for sectarian reasons, but only because Buddhism has more directly pointed to our inner resources that other religious and psychological systems have addressed more indirectly.


Inner Strength Theory


Readings containing both explanations of the causes of inner strength and critical analyses of those explanations.




Articles on the nature of our emotions.




Articles on the interplay between money and inner strength.




Commentary on the differences between the sexes as well as on the consequences of particular sexual attitudes and practices.




Commentary on various kinds of social interaction.




Commentary on various aspects of politics and economics.




Articles on various aspects of religion.


Organizational Development


Corporate training manuals and articles.