Inner Strength Development


(2007). "Spiritual Trying."

Identifies the role of effort or trying in spiritual development.


(2006). "Liberation as Radical Gratitude."

Identifies radical gratitude — the awareness that even our most personal activities are given us — as the door to liberation.


(2004). "Letting Go in Everyday Life."

Explains the process of letting go and how it can transform our everyday lives.


(2001). "Review: Mind Science: Meditation Training for Practical People, by Charles T. Tart". Journal of Consciousness Studies, 8 n.8, 93-94.

A useful, down-to-earth guide to mindfulness meditation. Although explicitly directed to scientifically oriented readers, it is appropriate for a general audience as well.


(2000). "What We Learn in the Dark". Realization.org (online magazine), May 21.

Explains how to make use of insomnia to develop the skill of letting go, which is key to allowing enlightenment (soma) to emerge. Explains how to extend this skill to ordinary waking hours.


(1999). "Science as Soteriology: A review of Fenner's Reasoning into Reality". Meta 105. 6/4/99 electronic journal.

Provides a clear and useful simulation model of Buddhist Middle Path Analysis (MPA). Applies the model to Albert Ellis' Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET), drawing helpful distinctions between MPA and Western therapeutic goals and methods. I raise questions for Fenner as to how MPA applies to daily living.


(1999). "The Inner Rhythm of Enlightened Activism."

Explains how enlightenment is possible in daily life. A more brief and informal approach than Feeling and Time.


(1991). "Where?"

Meditation on the mysterious origin of our thoughts.