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Emotionally, we need to digest our experiences a lot like we digest our food. The more significant the experience, the more time it takes to digest. We are a fast-food culture emotionally as well as physically, so that a chronic rush for excitement can lead to emotional indigestion. Symptoms are not just acute anxiety but also a depletion of emotion that leads to a lack of enthusiasm for our daily activities. GaryNini.com offers structured procedures that enable us to break a lifetime of experience into digestible bits, so that we can transform our past from dead weight to a nourishing reservoir and transform our future from a mere wish to an energizing goal.




Emotionally digesting our life experiences puts us in sync with ourselves, with our deepest resources. Since we are social animals, we also strive to be in sync with others. Clear and effective communication is key, since clear thinking gives backbone to our emotions — a strong structure that helps us maintain and deepen our abilities, our productivity, and our relationships. Of course, backbone can become a rigid obstruction if we confuse clarity with complete understanding. The key to effective communication is to think clearly while remaining aware that we never fully grasp the rich and constantly changing reality that stands before us.


GaryNini.com offers coaching in communication that includes everything from academic and business writing to communing intimately with a lover. The key throughout is to identify what you want to achieve, to Identify your audience and their needs, and to express yourself clearly, accurately, and effectively.




The Library includes excerpts from two co-authored manuals, Lessons in Savoring Life and Creating the Life You Really Want, as well as Gary’s writings on inner strength (practice and theory), emotions, money, politics, religion, relationships, sex, and organizational development.